Whitesands Beach Café

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Whitesands Beach Cafe & Shop and the Environment...

Whitesands Beach Cafe and Shop is situated on one of the most beautiful parts of the Pembrokeshire coast. In the summer we are visited by large amounts of people who wish to enjoy the benefits that this area provides.

As the only cafe and shop in the Whitesands Beach area we strive to minimise the harmful effects that our activities could have on the environment therefore at present:

★ We recycle cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, glass and used cooking oil. 
★ We strive to deliver food and drink items in packaging that is biodegradable.
★ We use cleaning items that are environmentally friendly.
★ We have energy efficient solutions like solar panels and a wind turbine.
★ We use a company that provides electricity from renewable sources. 

New for 2014 - we collect all our food waste to feed two pigglets. Our incentive is to reduce the waste in our bins and to look forward to the chop we have been promised at some point in the future!

 Many people from campsites or on the beach use our recycling stores outside the cafe. This can put a strain on our ability to keep this available at all times so we ask that you please try to take rubbish home at the end of the day.